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is one of the largest Professional, Proprietary Stock Trading Firms in the U.S., with trading rooms in the U.S. (and Canada). Formed in 1992 by two long time traders and friends, with the intention of providing the tools and capital necessary for serious traders to succeed. -More



Interested In Trading?

Hello, I’m Rob Friesen, President of Bright Trading. For over 20 years, Bright Trading has offered tools, training, and capital to those interested in having a career in Professional Trading. I have worked with Bob and Don Bright for over 15 years, and am proud to keep those traditions.

If you’re an experienced trader, please feel free to contact us to see if we can provide you with a better alternative to your current situation. If you’re relatively new to trading, please join us for one of our free webinars, or our comprehensive 3 Day Program in Las Vegas. Please take a moment to fill out our short Questionnaire, and we will invite you to our programs.

Let’s work together to stimulate your Career in Trading.

Rob Friesen


Bright Trading

Bright Trading is a Broker Dealer who clears with Goldman Sachs Execution and Clearing, LP, and uses REDIPlus or Real Tick which are among the top Electronic Trading platforms available today. Traders can execute manually, use provided Algorithms, or develop their own and write to the various API’s.  We also have Cloud based trading platforms available. Developers can be accessed to assist with your needs. Steps to become a Bright Trader.


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Hours: 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM Pacific 

Reasons for choosing Bright Trading, LLC

  • Experience - Bright Trading was formed in 1992 by 2 very experienced traders.  The managing partners have been with the same Clearing Firm since 1978.
  • Interaction/Trading Teams - Bright traders are never left all alone. Every trader, worldwide, is online every minute of the trading day with their direct manager/mentor/team/group. Special groups for Automation as well.
  • Financial Strength – Bright Trading is very well capitalized, and traders can access their profits weekly if so desired. 
  • Use of Capital - We have plenty of unused capital for our traders to use, intra-day and over night.
  • Locations - There are trading rooms in Chicago, Langley BC, and Las Vegas. Remote trading is now the biggest growth area.
  • Education - Bright Trading has one of the strongest training and education programs in the world. We bridge the gap between experienced floor trading professionals and the latest in technology.
  • Affiliations - Bright Trading is a Broker Dealer with the Chicago Stock Exchange. BT is also a clearing partner with Goldman Sachs Execution and Clearing.
  • Technology - Bright Trading uses the very latest in data feeds and execution platforms.
  • Cost Structure - Due to favorable economies of scale, Bright Traders pay extremely low transaction costs.
  • Flexibility - Bright Traders are allowed to engage in personal trading strategies and techniques.
  • Independence - Bright Traders are members of the Firm, not employees, and can trade whenever they wish.

Bright Events

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