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Bright Trading is now accepting membership applications* Canada-Wide.

For a limited time,  we are allowing reduced deposit for all Canadian applicants.

*Not applicable for: Nunavut and Northwest Territories

Interested In Trading?

Hello, I’m Rob Friesen, President of Bright Trading.  Since 1992, Bright Trading has offered capital, education, and professional tools to our members that have joined our firm to start or continue in a Professional Trading Career.

Whether you are experienced or new to this industry, please fill out our  Questionnaire. I will contact you to see if we can provide a better alternative to your current situation.  One of our most frequent requests is from traders requiring access to additional capital to better operate their equities trading business.

We invite you to attend one of our online comprehensive training events.  As markets change, edges come and go, we always strive to be current.

Let’s work together to further your Career in Trading.


~Rob Friesen


Bright Trading

Bright Trading is a Broker Dealer who clears with Goldman Sachs & Co. (GS&Co).  We have various platforms available to our members such as REDIPlus or Real Tick which are among the top Electronic Trading platforms available.   Traders can execute manually, use provided Algorithms, execute via FIX or develop their own methods utilizing various API's.  Cloud and Mobile based trading is now available.  Developers can be accessed to assist with your strategy and software development. For the requirements to become a member please view Steps to Join.


This Year Bright Trading, LLC. celebrates  its 25th Year of working with Career Traders.


Join us for Trader Education with the upcoming BT Online School.


For more information call:
Hours: 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM Pacific 

Reasons for choosing Bright Trading, LLC

  • Experience - Bright Trading was formed in 1992 by two very experienced traders.  The managing partner has been with the same Clearing Firm since 1978. 
  • Mentoring - Bright Traders can access a mentoring group to get daily help and instruction.
  • Financial Strength – Bright Trading is well capitalized firm, providing its capital to members intraday and overnight.  Traders can access their profits twice monthly via direct deposit if they choose to.
  • Remote Trading - Bright Traders trade remotely from the comfort of their home or office.
  • Support - Traders can receive timely help and support remotely using today's technology.
  • Education - Bright Trading has an online school that members can benefit from for no-cost.  Non-members pay a one-time fee of $500 to attend and can attend after that for no charge.  We strive to communicate timely and relevant strategies and knowledge.
  • Affiliations - Bright Trading is a Broker Dealer with the Chicago Stock Exchange and  clearing partner with Goldman Sachs & Co.
  • Technology - Bright Trading provides access to top data feeds and execution platforms.
  • Cost Structure - Due to favorable economies of scale, Bright Traders pay extremely low transaction costs.
  • Flexibility - Bright Traders are allowed to engage in personal trading strategies and techniques.
  • Independence - Bright Traders are members of the Firm, not employees, and can trade whenever they wish.

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