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Trader and Director

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A Market Maker and Floor Broker on the Pacific Stock Exchange from 1979 to 1989, and Trader and Director of Education for Bright Trading (one of the largest professional trading firms). Don brings “reality” to trading. Bright Trading has hundreds of professional traders, both he and his brother Bob actively trade on a daily basis. Don writes a monthly column in Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine,  and has hosted Stocktrading with the Bright Brothers”  radio show for 7 years (which is on hiatus ). Don brings some of the world's best traders to help teach his 3 Day Training Course and his 2- 4 week "Boot Camps." 

After graduating College in 1971, Don went directly into Public Accounting for a few years.  Having gotten tired of "counting other people's money" - he started American Marine, a ski boat dealership in Southern California, with a long time friend.  He sold that business in 1976 and went to Washington State to build Racquetball Courts and took over the Controller duties for a friend's Electrical Contracting firm. In 1979, his brother Bob invited him down to San Francisco and persuaded him to join him on the Pacific Stock Exchange.  Don became an Options market maker in April, 1979.  He expanded his role by becoming a dually registered trader, and traded options and ran the Bright professional brokerage operation, providing stock trading services to exchange traders.

When asked to address those who want to become career professional traders, he is quick to make this distinction: “There are only around 5,000 professional, licensed, discretionary, proprietary traders in the entire country, including the NY Specialists and the NASDAQ Market Makers.  There are over 14 Million “online investors”  (with all the inherent drawbacks associated with retail customers of brokerage firms) which slants the odds way in our favor.”

Don and his brother bridge the gap between long time exchange traders and the latest in technology and trading strategies.  Don will talk about techniques and tactics that are being used Today, not old re-hashed trading models being sold by the uninformed to the uninitiated. Opening only orders based on fair value calculations, market on close imbalances, order routing, specialist vs. market maker,  current arbitrage opportunities, pairs trading, Mergers, NYSE Hybrid system etc. “All the things you must know cold before ever clicking your mouse.” 

You will learn about things that you never knew existed!

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