Trader/Members of Bright Trading, LLC can choose from either platform so they can accommodate their proprietary strategies, skill sets and trading needs.



·         One of the best GUI's in the Industry.

·         Low cost platform, user friendly design

·         Broad range of order entry methods

·         Charting, Spread Trading, Portfolio Trading

·         Hot Keys, Linking and Alerts

·         Automatic Order Marking


Real Tick EMS

·         Excel Order Scripting Tool

·         Exceptional front-end and back-end speed for bulk-order trading

·         Advanced API's

·         Industrial Strength Infrastructure

·         Create lists, programs, baskets, pairs, spreads, bracketed, conditional and multi-step orders

·         Custom Trading Alerts

·         Automatic Order Marking


Traders can access a programmer to get focused help on implementing strategies through either platform with Excel VBA, .NET, C++ and more.