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Teamspeak Instructions

This is used by all Bright Traders for the Morning Call and Corporate discussions. 

TEAMSPEAK Instructions:

 Download/Install  the software 

Go  January 2012. 

Download the Windows (or the MacOS or Linux if appropriate) Teamspeak 2 Client.  

Install the software.  Click all of the defaults 

Open the software and choose Connection=>Connect 

Right-mouse click in the white area and choose ‘Add Server’ then hit enter. Select the ‘New Server’, enter the following on the right hand side 

Label = Bright Trading 

Server Address =   Changed January 2012.  

Nickname – choose your own name 

Click on Anonymous 

Server password = Please call headquarters or YM Don or Kevin in the office. 

Hit the ‘Connect’ button 

You can disable the extra sounds by going to Settings=>Options.  Choose the ‘Sound Notifications’ tab and check ‘Disable All Sounds’ 

To send a message to the entire channel, right mouse click on “Bright Trading Room” and choose “Send Text Message to Channel” 

If you are registered to talk, go to Settings=>Sound Input/Output Settings, check ‘Push to Talk’, hit the ‘Set’ button and then hit the key that you want to use to activate the microphone.  (Note that this key will activate the microphone even if you are in another applications.) 

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