Registration Information

New Trader Application Information

We want to do our best to make the application process as simple as possible, while disclosing initial costs involved.

New traders submit all paperwork with a check for $2000 to cover the fees detailed below. The fees generally amount to between $700-$1200. The balance will be placed in the traders new trading account. 

Before we send out a Bright Trading  Registration Packet please acknowledge the fees below (revised January 2016)

•  New traders are required to send in a check to Bright Trading, LLC in the amount of $2,000 along with their completed membership packages.  All registration/licensing fees will be deducted from that amount.  Details of the specific fees are shown below.  Any remaining balance will be applied to your trading account .  Please note that these fees are imposed on the Firm at the time of the initial registration and are not refundable.  Fees below are subject to change, be sure to check hard copy schedule of fees. 

Bright Trading, LLC- $100.00 processing fee.

Chicago Stock Exchange - $500 if filed between January 1 through March 31

$375 if filed between April 1 through June 30

$250 if filed between July 1 through September 30

$125 if filed between October 1 through December 31

 Series 57- $195 fee.

FINRA (formally known as the NASD) – $305 Series 7 Examination fee

FINRA - $100 Web CRD filing fee plus $110 for any disclosure page.

FINRA - $44.50 Fingerprint processing fee

The following states require additional examinations:

Series 63 in Massachusetts, Nevada, Texas and Virginia;  $125 fee.

State Registration fee – This only applies to traders in the following States:

Colorado - $16

Massachusetts - $75

Nevada - $125 plus one-time fee of $1,000 NV Processing.

New Jersey - $60

Texas - $35

Utah - $60

Virginia - $30